State Key Laboratory of fluorine-containing functional membrane materials

State Key Laboratory of Science and Technology is an important part of the national innovation system is the high level of national organizations for basic research and applied basic research, gathering and nurturing technological talents, to carry out high-level academic exchanges, research an important base for advanced equipment. Key Laboratory of fluorinated membrane materials is the field of fluorine-containing functional materials only national laboratory, reflects the study Dongyue Group in the field of the leading domestic level, the laboratory building will become Dongyue Group technological innovation and industrial innovation carrier and platform, a fluorine-containing functional film material aspects of cutting-edge technology incubators, leading the technical progress of the whole industry.

State Key Laboratory of fluorine-containing functional film material in the synthesis of fluorine-containing small molecule compound, a fluorine-containing polymer designed to carry out cutting-edge research and strategic polymerization to prepare a fluorine-containing membrane material as well as evaluating the application of a fluorine-containing membrane material and relevant Research on common technology application technology and industry theory and technology research and development and other engineering equipment. Combined with the advantages of companies and universities, the promotion of basic research and industrialization of scientific research achievements, the fluorine-containing functional film materials in the field to solve key technical problems, improve independent innovation capability and special polymer materials in the field core competitiveness, to meet the country's major strategic task the urgent needs of technological progress, as well as a major breakthrough in industrial restructuring and development of key industries in the common key technology bottlenecks, promoting China's fluorine materials industry by leaps and bounds, and sustainable development.

Meanwhile, fluorine, State Key Laboratory of Functional Materials on the progressive realization of the industry leading role in the construction and development process, driven by radiation in cultivating high-level talents, open cooperation, domestic and foreign exchanges, promote China's fluorine-containing functional film material aspects of the technology.

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